Today’s OEM production painting, coating, and sealing processes require highly sophisticated applications to apply advanced materials within exacting tolerances. Esys offers an open application architecture utilizing commercial “off-the-shelf” components for more flexible, cost-effective customized paint and sealer solutions. We can help your company achieve the quality you expect, while also providing a level of choice and value that can only be achieved through our open architecture solutions. It also gives you the ability to leverage and maximize existing technology investments in your facility in order to eliminate re-training and improve mean time to repair.

Esys offers complete support services, starting with a complete simulation, engineering, project management as well as modular build at our facilities with run-off and customer sign-off. Once bought off, Esys can provide its own installation or installation via subcontractors, including debug, launch and production support. Our team focuses on achieving the highest possible customer satisfaction and results for your business.

From planning and design all the way to installation and support
our team will help you every step of the way!

What to Expect
– Project Management –


Esys capabilities include upgrading existing paint systems by introducing the latest technology or modifications to the equipment to handle an increased volume through the painting stations. This can include new efficient atomizers and/or additional robotic painters, door and hood openers. Esys specializes in reusing, refurbishing and deploying existing robotic painting assets back into production. Esys is also able to upgrade to perform system upgrades for paint materials such as two component materials and waterborne paint systems.

A few recent projects include:

  • Adding Priming robots for increase production
  • Integrating Blackout robots for wheel well application
  • Fanuc P500 8-Robot primer system asset reclaim / relocate
  • 36 Durr Eco Bell 2 clear coat upgrades
  • Controls Upgrades

Cavity Wax

Esys has experience with Automated wax applications utilizing the premier global suppliers of waxing application equipment. Together with these partners, Esys can provide the proper solution required for your specific waxing applications. Whether you require a flooding system or a spray application Esys can help you achieve maximum corrosion protection with minimal material to reduce the overall weight of the vehicle.

Liquid Apply Sound Dampening

Esys has provided LASD solutions to multiple manufacturing facilities across North America. The LASD solution involves the utilization of high volume, dual pneumatic dispensers along with a multi spray nozzle application gun. Together with our partner companies, Esys can provide you with a robust LASD application solution that is right for your business.

PVC Anti-Chip

Esys has extensive experience in automation systems that provide PVC Anti-Chip coatings for Underbody and for Rocker Panel. Along with our AutoMask system, we can provide a perfect class A finish without the need for tape and paper masking.

The Esys AutoMask tooling is a unique robotic rotary masking tool that reliably delivers a perfect spray line. It utilizes a hardened aluminum disc with unique geometric qualities that minimizes deflection and delivers a consistent film-build to the edge of the pattern. The result is a reliable, fine-edge without the use of physical masking.

Seam Sealer

Esys provides all types of Automatic Robotic seam sealing systems. We have the capability and resources to provide a complete turnkey robotic system that can meet our customer specifications. These systems can consist of multiple robots, vision offset, dispensing equipment, temperature control, bulk material supply systems, etc. Depending on your type of sealing needs, there are many types of sealer processes, equipment suppliers, systems and integrations that can be utilized.

Esys can utilize our own proprietary dispense equipment and software or we can utilize equipment and software from all other major global sealer partner suppliers. Esys assembles the correct and unique seam sealing solution for all our customers.

Exterior Seam Sealer

Exterior Seam Sealer

Esys has extensive experience with providing both cosmetic and non-cosmetic exterior seam sealer systems

Cosmetic seam sealing, as utilized in Roof Ditch Sealing, requires a strong focus on the seam bead quality and location while being applied. Esys uses a body offset vision system along with the robot mounted vision system so that bead of sealer can be applied perfectly. The seam will be exposed on a class “A” surface after the primer and paint have been applied. There are additional process capabilities now which will allow different seam beads with dual applicators.

At Esys, we combine our expert technology with our sealer dispense and application experience in order to meet the highest level of standards and requirements, which are necessary for exterior seam sealing.

Interior Seam Sealer

Interior Seam Sealer

Esys has installed Interior Sealer systems for many automotive OEM’s. The Interior Sealer process can require multiple types of beads, sizes and dimensions for the same body interior. It can also utilize simple pumping solutions as well as complex dual servo constant flow systems. Depending on the nature of your sealing requirements, Esys can provide a cost effective proper solution.

Hem Sealer

Hem Sealer

Esys can provide both contact and non-contact version of hem sealing equipment and systems. These systems utilize similar components as interior seam sealing but require special vision equipment due to the high accuracy nature of the beads being applied.

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